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Saturday, November 06, 2010


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Tuberculosis is a disease that is caused by germs called Tubercle Bacilli.
It usually attacks the lungs of a person.


TB spreads from a person who has active TB.

When he coughs, sneezes or snores TB germs escape into the air.

Persons nearby breathe in the TB germs.

TB spreads to those who spend a lot of time with a TB patient with active TB , such as family members, friends, co-workers, or classmates.

Symptoms which suggest pulmonary tuberculosis include :
- cough , usually more than two weeks
- cough with sputum which is occasionally blood stained
- loss of appetite and weight
- fever
- dypsnoea, night sweats,chest pain and hoarseness of voice, all of which are not common.

Tuberculosis of any form appears in the list of notifiable infectious diseases in Malaysia under the Prevention of Disease Enactment (Cap.186) Section 6.The prescribed form for notification is Health 1(Rev. 7/93) Notification of Infectious Disease (Borang Notis).
Mandatory notification to the nearest Medical Officer of Health is the responsibility of the doctor who made the diagnosis.

Groups at high risk of infection• The poor who live in rural or in urban areas• HIV carrier• Those with chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney• Patients who are taking oral steroids in the long term• The elderly.

General Tips• If you are a tuberculosis patient who is undergoing treatment, you must obtain and comply with ongoing treatment is complete until everything is over• Leave enough• Eat a balanced diet• Make sure you keep your body strong and healthy in order to fight the germs of tuberculosis, at all times.• Do not allow yourself to smoke because it is dominated by only aggravate the situation• Allow plenty of exercise• Open doors and windows during the day for proper air circulation to prevent the spread of tuberculosis germs.• Let the sunshine into your home with a lot because it can kill the tuberculosis germs are floating in the air and hide in the corners of the house.• Avoid crowded living in a small house.

how to diagnose tuberculosis?

• If you experience a prolonged cough, you should go for inspections sweep phlegm under a microscope for the presence of tuberculosis germs. Sputum tests may be conducted at a government hospital or health center nearby for free.• Examination of the chest X-rays can also show damage that might occur in your lungs.
Treatment of tuberculosis

Treatment usually takes at least six months although the patient felt well during the period. In the first two months, daily treatment is given, usually consists of four types of medication to eat which was witnessed by a medical practitioner or other person appointed as supervisor.further treatment is done twice a week for four months, usually involving three types of medication, also be taken under supervision. If treatment is followed regularly, the patient can be cured.

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