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Friday, April 18, 2008


The Muslimah and ALLAH

The Believing Woman is Alert in faith and awareness in fearing Allah
She is Obedient to the commands of her Rabb
She is a true slave of Allah
She Worships Allah
She regularly performs the duties and good deeds required by Islam
She Accepts the Will and Decree of Allah
She Regularly Prays Five Times a Day
She May Attend the Jama'ah (Congregational) Prayer
She Attends 'Eid Prayers
She Prays Sunnah and Nafil Prayers
She Performs Her Prayers Properly
She Pays Zakah on Her Wealth
She Fasts During the Day and Prays at Night in Ramadhan
She Observes Nafil Fasts
She Goes on Hajj to the Sacred House of Allah
She Goes for 'Umrah
She obeys those who are in authority over her
She Feels a Sense of Responsibility for the Members of Her Family
She Does Not Sit Alone With a "Stranger"
She Wears Correct Hijab
She Avoids Mixing Freely With Men
She Does Not Shake Hands With a Non-Mahram Man
She Does Not Travel Except With a Mahram
She Turns to Allah in Repentance
Her Main Concern is the Pleasure of Allah
She Understands the True Meaning of Being a Servant of Allah
She Works to Support the Religion of Allah
She is Distinguished by Her Islamic Character and True Religion
Her Loyalty is to Allah Alone
She Enjoins What is Good and Forbids What is Evil
She Often Reads the Qur'an
2: The MuslimAH and Her Own Self

a – Her Body

Moderation in Food and Drink
She Exercises Regularly
Her Body and Clothes are Clean
She Takes Care of her Mouth and Teeth
She Takes Care of Her Hair
She Takes Care of Good Appearance
She Does Not Go to Extremes of Beautification or Make a Wanton Display of Herself

b – Her Mind
She Takes Care of Her Mind by Pursuing Knowledge until death as knowledge is an obligation
A Muslim Woman Needs to Know basics regarding deen is Quran,Hadith, Seerah,Islamic History,Fiqh
A Muslim Women's Achieves wisdom in the Field of Knowledge In General as long as Shariah approves such knowledge.
She is not Superstitious
She Never Stops Reading and Studying
c – A Muslim Woman's Soul
The Muslim Woman polishes her soul through worship
She Keeps Company with Righteous People and Joins Religious gatherings
She Frequently Repeats Du'as and Supplications Described in Quran & Ahadith

3: The MuslimAH and Her Parents

She Treats Them with Kindness and Respect (Birr)
She Recognizes Their Status and Knows Her Duties Towards Them
She is Kind and Respectful Towards Her Parents Even If They are not Muslims
She is Extremely Reluctant to Disobey Them
Her Mother Comes First, Then Her Father
She treats her parents' friends well
She shows her kindness and humility towards her parents by not using words of contempt nor repelling them
4: The MuslimAH and Her Husband

She knows importance of Marriage in Islam
She follows the guidance of Islam in her married life
She Chooses a Good Husband
She is Obedient to Her Husband and Shows Him Respect
She Treats His Mother and Family with Kindness and Respect
She understands her Husband and respects his feelings
She helps him to make up for his failings and weaknesses
She knows how to strike a balance between pleasing her husband and treating her In-laws with due kindness and respect
She Endears Herself to her Husband and is Keen to Please Him
She Does not Disclose His Secrets
She Stands by Him and Offers Him Advice
She Encourages Him to Spend and Give Charity for the Sake of Allah
She Helps Him to Obey Allah (subhanawatala)
She Fills His Heart with Joy
She Makes Herself Beautiful for Him
She is Cheerful and Grateful when She Meets Him
She Shares His Joys and Sorrows
She Does not Look at Other Men
She Does not Describe Other Women to Him
She Tries to Create an Atmosphere of Peace and Tranquility for Him
She is Tolerant and Forgiving
She is Strong in Character and Wise
She is One of the Most Successful Wives
She does not divorces without a valid reason
5: The MuslimAH and Her Children

She Understands the Great Responsibility that She Has Towards Her Children and Teaches them Islam
She Uses the Best Methods in Bringing Them up such as love ,compassion, understaning their psychology , attitude and also correcting and guiding them.
She Demonstrates Her Love and Affection for Them
She treats her sons and daughters equally
She Does not Discriminate Between Sons and Daughters in Her Affection and Care
She Does not Pray Against her Children
She is Alert to Everything that May Have an Influence on Them
She equally treats all her children
She Instils Good behavior and Attitudes in Them

6: The MuslimAH and Her Sons and Daughters-in- Law

A – Her Daughter-in- Law has Islamic values,high character .and Her Attitude Towards her Daughter-in- Law,she treats her as her own daughter,as a family member.
She Knows how to Make a Good Choice in Selecting a Daughter-in- Law commitment to Islam, and to be of a good and balanced character
She Knows Her Place treats her daughter-in- law properly and fairly in all circumstances and at all times,matters may run their natural, peaceful course unaffected by misguided whims and desires and governed instead by religion, reason and wisdom
She Gives Advice but Does not Interfere in Their Private Life
She Respects Her and Treats Her Well
She is Wise and Fair in her Judgement of her Daughter- in-Law

B – Her Son-in-Law

Her Attitude Towards her Son-in-Law
She Knows How to Make a Good Choice in Selecting a Son-in-Law religious commitment and character you are pleased
She Respects and Honours Him
She Helps her Daughter to be a Good Wife to her Husband
She is Fair, and is Never Biased in Favor of Her Daughter
She Deals with Problems Wisely

7: The MuslimAH and Her Relatives

She knows Islamic View of Kinship Ties
The Muslim Woman Upholds the Ties of Kinship According to the Teachings of Islam
She Maintains the Ties of Kinship Even if Her Relatives are not Muslims
She Fully Understands the Meaning of Upholding the Ties of Kinship
She Maintains the Ties of Kinship Even if Her Relatives Fail to Do So

8: The MusliMAH and Her neighbors

The Muslim Woman is Kind and Friendly Towards Her neighbors
She is the best of people in his dealings with his neighbors
She Adheres to the Islamic Teachings Regarding Good Treatment of neighbors
The true Muslima is tolerant towards her neighbor
She Likes for Her neighbors What She Likes for Herself
She Knows Misery that befalls humanity because of the lack of true Islamic morals and manners
She Treats Her neighbor in the Best Way that She Can
Her generosity is directed towards both Muslim and non-Muslim neighbors
She Starts with the neighbor Whose Home is Closer to Her Own
The True Muslim Woman is the Best neighbor
She knows Bad neighbor is a Person Who is Deprived of the Blessing of Faith
She Knows Bad neighbor is a Person Whose Good Deeds are Not Accepted
She Knows a true Muslim is careful to avoid falling into sin where his neighbor is concerned
Her Good Treatment of Her neighbor is not lacking and is Enough
She Puts up with Her neighbor's Mistakes and Bad Treatment
She does not give tit-for-tat
She knows his neighbor's rights over him

9: The MuslimAH and Her Friends and Sisters in Islam

She Loves Her Friends and Sisters for the Sake of Allah
He Knows the great Status of Two Who Love One Another for the Sake of Allah
She Knows the Effect of Love for the Sake of Allah on the life of the Muslims is essential for unity
She Does Not Forsake or Abandon Her Sister
She is Tolerant and Forgiving
She Meets Them with a Smiling Face
She is Sincere Towards Them
She has a natural inclination towards kindness and faithfulness
She is Kind to her sisters
She Does not Gossip About Them
She Avoids Arguing with Them, Making Hurtful Jokes and Breaking Promises
She is Generous and Honours Her Sisters and prefers over herself
She Prays for Her Sisters in Their Absence

10: The MuslimAH and Her Community/ Society

She Has a Good Attitude Towards Others and Treats Them Well
She is truthful & avoids giving false statements
She is Concerned About the Affairs of the Muslims
She chooses works that suits her Feminine nature
She Strives to Reconcile Between Muslim Women
She Repays Favours and is Grateful for Them
She does not cheat, deceive or stab in the back
She is not envious
She is sincere & gives sincere advice
She keeps her promises
She has a good attitude towards others and treats them well
She is characterized by shyness (Haya')
She is gentle towards people
She is compassionate and merciful
She is tolerant ,forgiving and generous
She is easy-going in his business dealings
She is of cheerful countenance
She has a sense of humor
She is patient
She avoids cursing and foul language
She does not falsely accuse anyone of fisq or kufr
She is modest and discreet
She does not interfere in that which does not concern her
She refrains from backbiting and slandering the
Honour of Others and Seeking Out Their Faults
She avoids giving false statements
She avoids suspicion
She keeps secrets
She does not converse privately with another person when there is a third person present
She is not arrogant or proud
She is humble and modest
She does not make fun of anyone
She respects elders and distinguished people
She mixes with people of noble character
She strives for people's benefit and seeks to protect them from harm
She strives to reconcile between Muslims
She calls people to the truth
She enjoins what is good and forbids what is evil
She is wise and eloquent in his da'wah
She is not a hypocrite
She does not show off or boast
She is Moderate with Regard to Her Clothing and Appearance
She is straightforward and consistent in her adherence to the truth
She repays favors and is grateful for them
She mixes with people and puts up with their insults
She tries to make people happy
She guides others to righteous deeds
She is easy on people, not hard and Does Not Bear Grudges
She is fair in his judgment of people
She does not oppress or mistreat others
She loves noble things and always aims high
Her speech is not exaggerated or affected
She does not rejoice in the misfortunes of others
She is generous
She does not remind the beneficiaries of his charity
She is hospitable
She prefers others to herself
She helps to alleviate the burden of the debtor
She is proud and does not beg
She is friendly and likeable
She checks her customs and habits against Islamic standards
She follows Islamic manners in the way she eats and drinks
She greets with Islamic greeting i.e salam
She does not enter a house other than her own without permission
She does not look into other people's houses
She sits wherever she finds room in a gathering
She avoids yawning in a gathering as much as she can
She follows the Islamic etiquette when she sneezes
She does not imitate Men
She Does Not Seek the Divorce of Another Woman so that She May Taker Her Place
She visits the sick
She does not wails over dead.
She Does not attends funerals

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