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Tuesday, March 13, 2007



just wanna announce my result..
ermmmm just like wat i have target
i got 7a,4b,1d...


d is physic,
3a1 = english,alquran sunnah,syariah islamiah
4a2 = mate, bm, sejarah,bahasa arab
1b3 = est
3b4 = kimia,bio,ad math,,

n d = fizik sedihla gak...hehe
tp wat can i do..
itula hasilnya after all i have done..
i know i cant go far with physic,,
seem very hard to me...
anyway just happy coz bm i got a
mate also a...
n one more..seem suprising when i got ad math b heheeh
after all, i'm satisfied with wat i got..

after this i just hope i can further my study maybe to matriculation college
or any univ.
n if i qualified myself to any college..i'll study hard to succeED insyaALLAH

kalo ada pa pa. emel me ok?
since i'm out of malaysia...=)

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