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Thursday, December 07, 2006

i'm release =)

helo everybody!!!!
hope u r in the pink of health
no matter wat...i'm so hepi becoz today i'm free..
my exam already finished n im just waiting for the result on march07
huhu..such a long time to go
i need to complete my precious plan within this 4 month succesfully..
actually....diz december, my brother will have their wedding party on 26 dis 06
so need to help my family to do all preparations facing that great day =)
i wanna take my license car...n many more things to do....
i think i got to go...
i'll update my profile later...
take care everyone!!!


giancarlo tejeda said...

nice... hi, hello, hola, from necrOpolis, greets... from lima, perU... see the photos...

mastura said...

thanks for the comments..
your blog also nice..
by the way what is the picture is all about??



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