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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

hepi holiday everybody!!!!!

today is 23.11.2006...
today is my besfren besday...=)
hope she in the pink of health today EST english ins science and technology paper
i heard thid paper quite tough...dont know wat to say...
truly i havent read nothing for that =p
i'm only worried bout my pure science subjek huhuhuh...
physic,kimia n bio...fuh so tiring..
this subjek can fry me out..
one thing..add mathla..
i have to do more xcercise on that...
history paper also hard...
k-ekonomi..i read about it...but forgot already cause i think those small title wont be asked in,when i start answering i saw the topik dead already =(
dont know wat to ask...just hentam ja
BM..ermmmmmmmmmmm...mmg pyh...
naik soklan pelik2...anyone know wat is 'berserama kemanis-manisan'
huhuhu...xpahamlaaaa =(
dahla tnya peribahasa x kena tmpt plak tue,,,geram tul.
hentamla...tawakal ja...dah perah otak mikir peribahsa yg sesuai..
BI..hehe plg bestla...
walaupun utk soklan continouos writing xdak still can do it looo..=0
jst pray i'll get the satisfied result ad can help to further my study..ameen~~~~~

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